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From 14 to 17 February 2012, the Swinburne Institute hosted the Network’s first Historical Justice and Memory conference.For more information, please visit: In February 2013, the Historical Justice and Memory Research Network will be superseded by the Dialogues on Historical Justice and Memory, a joint initiative of the Swinburne Institute and of Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights.

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This website provides information and resources to encourage interdisciplinary and comparative research on issues relating to memory, memorialisation and historicisation, and historical and transitional justice.

To facilitate communications among researchers, Zen Desk was recently implemented along with several customizations that permit scholars and activists to share information and request help in research projects.

This is basically a help desk system configured to provide granular assistance to respond to detailed requests for information.

Zen Desk support has also been implemented to guide those who have questions using the new interface.Es sollte ein besonderer Abend für [..] › Weiterlesen Zu Gast im Theatertreff am ist Anja Schöne, die mit dieser Spielzeit die Leitung der Jungen Bühne Lutz übernommen hat.«Gutes Kinder- und Jugendtheater ist Theater für alle.» So das Credo der Kölnerin, und sie weiß, wovon sie spricht. am [...] › Weiterlesen Bei der offenen Ballettprobe am stellte Ballettdirektor Alfonso Palencia sein aus international erfahrenen Künstlern bestehendes Team vor, mit dem er gerade intensiv die erste Ballett-Premiere vorbereitet. › Weiterlesen Die Senderreihe 90Grad on tour hat uns beim Tag der offenen Tür des Theaters Hagen mit der Kamera begleitet und interessante Interviews, u.a.We encourage members to send in working papers, bibliographic details about recent publications, information on new opportunities in this field and other related information.To become a member of the Historical Justice and Memory Research Network and receive the Network’s newsletter, simply send an email stating your name, institutional affiliation and research interests to [email protected] the Dialogues website goes live, the Historical Justice and Memory Research Network’s website will no longer be updated.The Historical Justice and Memory Research Network brings together scholars and activists concerned with issues of historical justice and memory.It is being maintained by Klaus Neumann and Sonja Dechian.5th Global Conference 13-15 March 2013: Lisbon, Portugal This inter- and multi-disciplinary conference aims to examine, explore and critically engage with the issues and implications created by the massive exploitation of digital technologies for inter-human communication and examine how online users form, archive and de-/code their memories in cybermedia environments, and how the systems used for production influence the way the users perceive and work with the memory.This website is to facilitate interdisciplinary, transnational and comparative cross-fertilisation.This website: The success of this site relies on input from its members.

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