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They also value these traits more than men do, in both short- and long-term relationships.

It seems despite women having made great strides in educational attainment and at the workplace in modern societies, the traits women value haven't changed much.

I totally agree with 13726 about how we shouldn't view westerners as superior in their culture to us. Or if you were lucky as me to date one of the elite Malays in SG who are fkg rich(ya super rare but got), also treats you damn nice. In 50 years, the trend in europe is that people won't be getting married anymore. Western doesn't extend to include Australian & American.

Date Ang Moh can get married & have cute half-angmoh, half-asian baby Fantasy: Mixed babies are just so adorably cute and they grow up to be the most handsome/beautiful people around.

Think Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt except minus the glamour. I've broken up before because we both agreed we like each other but don't want to marry each other because we have different ideas of what our future spouse would be like. Angmohs on the other hand, just want to keep you so they can still fuck you. Sample too small to generalize entire American population but I'd group him with Asian guys in terms of dating culture.

Men also appear to be much more willing to participate in a casual encounter than women.

The Clark and Hatfield experiments published in 19 are perhaps some of the most famous in evolutionary social psychology.

MEN VALUE PHYSICAL ATTRACTIVENESSResearch indicates that both men and women value a wide variety of characteristics including warmth, kindness, intelligence, and a sense of humour.

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These are traits we look out for in a potential long-term partner or someone we'll marry.Two weeks ago, Channel News Asia carried a commentary that discussed the ease of finding love and broadening one’s social circle with dating apps.I've found, however, that people’s basic dating instincts have remained unchanged.Indeed, similar to their height preferences, women tend to require a potential mate to have at least as much social status as the women themselves have.Furthermore, because women are the reproductively more valuable sex and bear the costs of pregnancy, they evolved to be choosier about who their partners are.The median duration of marriages that end up in divorce is 10 years, and 29.9 per cent of divorces involved marriages that lasted between five to nine years.Could it be that people have more options – real or perceived – leading to relationships dissolving quicker? Also, dates with westerners don't even fucking comprise of eating. And if you do eat, it's not date setting & you go dutch. Asian plus point: The guys who do take you to posh restaurants are Chinese guys! That you'd read shakespeare together & talk about A Streetcar Named Desire. Asian plus point: on the other hand, the singaporeans I've dated & guy friends I have platonic r/s with talk about current affairs, fave lit books, social issues etc. Heck, my boyf & I got into a rly heated argument abt freedom of choice which started out as a qn, turned into a debate and then an argument and then we fought so much, we broke up so that's the end of it. Perhaps you'll have kids together and it may or may not be deliberate. I went to IUSSP 2013 and the plenary session was about marriage profiles in different parts of the world. Reality: I think it's the type of angmohs sg attracts. At most bring you to bars but none of the fancy stuff. I offered to pay for dates cos I rly wanted to go out but he refused. Date Ang Moh can talk under the sun about intellectual shit Fantasy: You think that because our education is based off british system & all the good universities are in Europe/US that westerners would want to hold intellectual conversations when in romantic relationships. But somehow angmohs just don't talk about intellectual stuff during a romantic r/s. Asian gene pool can use a little more in the height department and blue/green/hazel eyes-yes please! I don't understand what it is in their values but how they roll is basically, you're his forever girlfriend but he will never marry you.This is especially so in Singapore, even though the gender wage gap is lower than in other developed countries including the US, Germany, South Korea and Japan.In a cross-cultural study published in 2011, we asked participants to allocate tight budgets of “mate dollars” to construct their ideal partners.

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