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I'm a leg-and-bum kinda guy and so anything that will enhance these areas on a girl is alright in my book ;-) I love to put on my stockings in the morning when i have an important meeting, Thy make me feel sexy and confident with it, my favorite skirt has a split up one side and if i don't sit down carefully u can just see the top off them and i love to watch other peoples reaction...

I still like to wear thigh highs but she is long gone I've always loved nylon stockings instead of pantyhose.

When I first began crossdressing in the early seventie's,girdle's with stocking tabs were still in fashion worn with stocking's.

You either had the full body briefer which really gave you a nice hour glass figure if worn tightly enough which I enjoyed the most. I used to like dressing up and when doing that found some older stockings and garter belts my mom had. Didnt really understand till reading these stories.

I think the right heals and stocking can make a woman look even hotter toss in a gatter belt maybe and one or two other sexy pieces and I am more than ready to go. I love wearing stockings and heels, first I feel sexy when I'm wearing, and second I know how much men luv seeing us beautiful & sexy women in stockings and heels.

If I know that they are turned on by it, than I get turned on!!!

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