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The bugle snaps across the hall blowing Reveille for the long and the short and the tall.

Angus Scully gil chenier,102 platoon 1962 QOR of C CALGARY, finally got in to the web site, great idea, looking forward to the 2005 reunion, hope to see many familar faces. Yours truly, Sharon Wilkins(nee Bernicky and also the daughter-in-law of the late Charles Gordon Wilkins (better known as Wilkie.) My father in-law-passed away in 2001. My Grandfather spent two years in China during the Boxer rebellion. Seeing the QOR House on the beach at Normandy peaked my curiousity in the Regiment.

hi to rolly chater, randy mac Millan, john cattellier, hope to see you guys at the reunion. Sharon Wilkins On behalf of my family Alisa, Brad, Faith, Allison,and Scott. I commend you for the time and care with which you have assembled your website.

Once in the Queen's Own, always in the Queen's Own!!

Ralph Schoenig June 8/05 Ralph Schoenig REUNION 2005, 145 YEARS, CALGARY, QUEENSS OWN RIFLES OF CANADA In the here and now, balding or white haired we search the faces for old friends to see how they have fared.

It is amazing the ambiance and appreciation the French have for overwhelming sacrifices made by the troops on D-Day.

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I visited all of the sea side towns including; Courcelles-sur-mer, Arromanches, Bernires-sur-mer, Beny-sur-mer, Bayeux, and Caen. I must admit that it is a lot quieter that is was last year. I just arrived back to Paris from my trip to Normandy to participate in the 61 anniversary of D-Day.I am interested in Fred Topham's biography and am especially interested in getting more details concerning his time in Kirkland Lake when he was a hard-rock gold miner in the Wright Hargreaves Mine here in Kirkland Lake. Also, if it wasn't for many proud Canadians, the Government wouldn't have said or done a thing about it! We would also love to find lost friends do you have a suite to look up long lost friends?? My parents are both fine and just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last march.hopefully I will receive some feedback on this aspect of his life. Susan Pretty I am the eldest daughter of Don Bernicky. Having been a member of a Airborne unit (19th SFG) and being airborne and airassult qualified gives me a sense of connection to you guys.So for all of them and all of us for Queen and Canada IN PACE PARATUS.JWL 4 June 2005 John-Ward Leighton THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!Bernie Jaworsky Feb 26 2005 is the 60th anniversary of the death of the QOR's Aubrey Cosens who that day won the Victoria Cross. I am hoping that it is ok that I attend this reunion on behalf of my parents. Robert Vaughn I was born after the second world war (1954) and have a keen interest in Canadian and Canadian military history.Enter his name in Google and see how this hero's name and deeds are commemorated. I will let them know about this reunion and encourage them to attend with me. The thing I miss most about the army is all of my very "old" friends. I'm the third generation of my family to serve in the USMC. I have been privileged to have been able to visit many of the sites of Canadian operations during both WWI and WWII in France Belgium etc. I wana be his priority , he should be sincere, caring honest & .. He should be capable to change my life and bring peace to my soul , should be very romatic.

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