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The most effective counselor in the world—whether a parent or professional—cannot help someone who is too ashamed of their body, desires, and habits to seek help. Bzz is a Dutch chatbot created precisely to answer questions about drugs and sex.

For example, a bot could influence your buying decisions or feed your information to companies for profit by targeting your vulnerabilities. Actions under consideration include instating a “do no harm” policy for bots, similar to the vow taken by doctors.Drug and sex education are ripe for chatbot intervention.While there’s strong demandfor fact-based information to inform decision making, there is a dearth of reliable sex and drug education resources.Without adequate support in sex and drug education, teenagers are forced to seek their own answers.But there is a stigma attached to seeking this sort of information publicly. In fact, there are times when the emotional support of a bot may even be preferable to that of a human. Bots can be used as more than automated middlemen in business transactions: They can meet needs for emotional human intervention when there aren’t enough humans who are willing or able to go around.SARA, an AI assistant currently under development at Carnegie Mellon University’s Articu Lab, is learning human rapport, such as how to pick up on social cues and use those cues to inform her responses.If you disclose something personal, she’ll gather that she can drop the formalities.For example, many parents dread talking to their children about sex.And when they do, “the talk” can neglect topics such as birth control, consent, or the safety of certain sexual acts.

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