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As a result social services said he "should not have unsupervised access with... There is so much more to the story, it would just take to...Its in the definition alas the result is a life sentence . There is a program designed to stop, prevent, and reverse these sexual offenses.

I am not going to get into the facts of the case or try and defend myself.

The fact of the matter is I served my 2 1/2 year sentience but every time I go back to register there are a whole...

when i was 19 i moved to hastings NE, from Roseburg OR...

i was the kind of young man that if anyone needed anything i was there for them... bear with me i am not that well with talking to a group of people.

Hello, While I disagree with the registry in some countries, I am fortunate in that my country does not publish the list.

So when I say I disagree with it, I mean in the way it is run by the US.

Part of becoming an offense free member of society is having a support network...

Nigel Robinson from Hull said he called police after trying to download music but instead finding pornographic images on his laptop last November.

In 1996 my husband was charged with unlawful restraint. My spouse has been a pretty good parent and has never given me reason to suspect any wrong doing with our children. I have been dating this guy for over 2 years now and yes it was a shock to know about his past. I was changed to a Level 3 after 11 years with no reoffenses and forced to move out of the state.

He and a friend we hanging out and partying with a 14 year old. I was 18 years old when I had a consensual relationship... I have not yet been convicted of possession of child ****, sharing CP and using a computer to commit a crime.

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