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While living conditions of the local people are mixed, the majority of residents are poor, mostly making a living within the informal sector of the economy.

Despite the diversity of ethnic groups, there are strong similarities in Zambian marriage practices [ is common.

on adverse social and psychological outcomes such as those affecting quality of life, marital relationships or the risk of violence, including emotional abuse and gender-based violence [].

In view of this gap, this study explored couple experiences of couple HIV testing with a specific focus on the impact on treatment uptake, social support and adoption of risk-reduction sexual behaviour.

But, what about all the times we're not in relationships? We've all heard "Why would a man buy the cow, when you're giving him the milk for free? While there still exists a gendered double standard surrounding sexuality in the U. We asked single women and men alike to reflect on their sex lives: how often they're having sex, whom they're having sex with, and (of course), how they feel about it.

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Ahead, 10 stories of sex and singlehood — the good, the bad, and the awkward.

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