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In heads of argument, Chitando states that "the callous way that the biological parents have been kept in the dark, without forthcoming explanation …

has left them to assume they have been stripped of their parental rights".

Most of the issues I had happened around Victoria Falls. Some drunk grandpa asked me to give him a blowjob by toilet at a practically abandoned border post, so there ya go…once again, I declined.

The departments had taken the children through the Children's Court to suspend parental rights without notifying the parents.

He said those proceedings are likely to be set aside.

The children, aged between two and 12, are being held by the Department of Social Development at an undisclosed location and parental contact has been denied.

The children were taken into custody more than three months ago, in November, after they were discovered in a truck.

But time and again, local people and other travelers alike were shocked upon hearing that I, a girl, was traveling alone in Zimbabwe.

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I figured I would share my general experiences so that if you are planning on doing your own solo female travel to Zimbabwe shindig you will at least know what to expect.

The department has stated that it intends to fly the children to Harare International Airport on March 6.

Advocate Simba Chitando, acting for the parents, argued that this would be unlawful and not in the best interests of the children.

There was only a press statement that said children were detained pursuant to the Trafficking Act."The immediate reunification with the biological parents, based in Cape Town, is in the best interests of the children. According to Section 31 (1) (a) of the Trafficking Act, the director general of home affairs and social development may not repatriate a foreign child who is a victim of trafficking without due consideration into the best interests of the child," Chitando argued in court papers.

He said there could never be any suitable arrangement for the care of an infant in Harare that is better than care by the biological parent in Cape Town.

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