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Although little research has been done to establish a causal link between sexually explicit material depicting fictitious characters of children in cartoons and comics, and sex offenses against children, Japan certainly needs to study the effect of viewing For too long, our children have grown up in a society that thinks nothing of putting them in suggestive poses.

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books have argued that it threatens freedom of expression, while the Japan Federation of the Bar Association and other civil society groups have expressed concern over the possibility of wrongful arrests by overzealous police.

So legislation protecting children from all forms of sexual objectification should be introduced for their safety.

Watching natural-looking people engaging in sex that is consensual, pleasurable and realistic may not be harmful--heck, it might be a good idea--but that is generally not what the billion global porn industry is shilling.

Over 40% of children ages 10 to 17 have been exposed to porn online, many accidentally.

By college, according to a survey of more than 800 students titled "Generation XXX," 90% of men and one-third of women had viewed porn during the preceding year.

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