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Since then, the company has developed into a social enterprise that provides software services to numerous sectors and civil society groups around the world, helping them improve the bottom-up flow of information.The disaster mapping software has also been used to keep elections fair in Venezuela in 2015, monitor voter suppression in the 2016 US elections, and help track the Somali drought in 2017.

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The company, however, refused to disclose the names of the two parties due to legal reasons.

In her blog post published on Medium, Okolloh said she was working with leaders in the tech community to create a forum to discuss sexual harassment and create a code of conduct to which organizations and individuals should commit.

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Okolloh also said the tech and start-up sector in Kenya should not be considered too big to fail.

“The start-up ecosystem in Kenya is no longer nascent,” she said, “it can and must handle the hard work and tough conversations that will happen in the coming weeks and months.

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