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A bias incident is any expression whether spoken, written, symbolic or other form, which is motivated by some form of prejudice based on the victim’s real or perceived identity (i.e.

The rules, which could impact taconite iron ore mining operations and wastewater treatment plants in areas where wild rice grows, were panned by Rangers as unnecessary, unproven and unreasonably expensive for cities and industry to meet."You're trying to fix things that really aren't problems," Larson said, noting the PCA concedes there's no guarantee that enforcing the rule would lead to more wild rice.We offer direct services to victims of domestic violence and offer trainings concerning same-sex domestic abuse to domestic violence service providers.Statistically, gay and lesbian people experience domestic abuse at about the same rate as the rest of society.Family Tree Clinic1619 Dayton Ave, Suite 205Saint Paul, MN 551042pm - 5pm(Every First Tuesday) Group of heterosexual / dual-gendered cross dressers and their families that has monthly meetings and other activities which serve to offer peer support, education, outreach and a safe social atmosphere Provides safe shelter, legal services, mental and chemical health counseling, elder abuse resources, youth programming and community education, including public information campaigns to provide community members the information and support they need to get help or give help Out Front Minnesota is proud to have been at the forefront of same-sex domestic abuse intervention for years.We are truly one of the national leaders in bringing this issue to light.Unfortunately, with an increase in potentially divisive conversations that challenge existing social power dynamics, these attacks can occur with more brutality or a sense of social acceptance on the part of the perpetrators.Out Front Minnesota’s Anti-Violence Program is dedicated to eliminating hate violence, sexual violence, and intimate partner violence/domestic violence within and against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer-identified (LGBTQ) communities across Minnesota.We believe that everyone deserves to be safe from harm regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or gender expression.From the individual to the community to the state, we believe eliminating violence and harassment requires social change at every level.Advocates will be available to talk about resources and provide referrals to other LGBTQ-positive service providers.We will also be able to talk with individuals about personal concerns in a safe, supportive, and private space.

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