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“Our democracy in many regards is at stake.” By the last count almost 400 women were planning to run in this year's midterm elections in the US, the most ever.

Some will be weeded out in the primary elections, which in Texas are only seven weeks away, where no fewer than 50 women hope to make it all the way to Washington.

At Geogeske, a sleeker lunch spot close to the heart of El Paso, Ms Escobar agreed she could have stayed in her old position – and in her comfort zone.

But she was moved to run, she says, because of “this terrifying fear of Donald Trump and what he is going to do to our country”.

Like Ms Ortiz Jones she hopes she will go to Washington waving a banner not just for women but in particular also for the immigrant community, El Paso, where she has lived all her life, is on the very front line of Trump’s campaign to crackdown on immigration. And, if they are lucky, she will have Gina Ortiz Jones as reinforcement and, possibly a whole brigade of freshly minted Democratic Congresswomen from Texas and far beyond.

It would also be where part of his touted new wall is meant to be built, a proposal which, in her eyes, is in itself a form of attack on immigrants in America and also against Mexico, its neighbour. “I mean 2018 really could be a year for some significant change and it really could be the year of the woman. So exciting, Ms Escobar veers off again into the language of battle, but this time on a galactic, cinematic scale.

Partly, she says, it was because of the sacrifices required to run for office, especially for those with young families or who didn’t have the easy connections to raise money. “For a lot of us now, it’s just, ‘Screw it, we have to get it done’.

You need to throw caution to the wind.” Because hers is the most Democratic district in Texas, she needs only to win the primary contest against her party rivals in March, after which she will be all but set. The border is going to send one of our own to you to fight back.” That would be her.

“It just became increasingly difficult to be part of that administration personally and professionally,” she says.

(La Fogata, the restaurant we are in, is named after the Spanish for “bonfire”, no doubt where she would light a Trump effigy.) “I had worked in national security for 14 years and I think his policies actually ran contrary to national security,” she adds.

That is especially striking when you consider the Lone Star State has not sent a new woman to Congress since 1996.

Ms Jones and Ms Escobar are both confident they will beat off rivals from their own party to be the candidates in their districts.

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