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Even if she had, she would have just made it to DC by the time she was starting to show.

I can just imagine the headlines “Suffrage Envoy Pregnant with Married Lover’s Child” or something to that effect.

Here's where you can meet singles in Wheatland, Wyoming.

And I must cry a little cry of gratitude for your wonderful precious letter.

She had hoped to be pregnant with his child but her period coincided with their arrival in Salt Lake City.

So the only exit strategy from her father’s house was to marry, and Albert, a dogmatic Baptist minister, was planning to be a missionary in Rangoon, Burma.

That at least seemed like some sort of an adventure, and so Sara encouraged his courtship and married him in 1900.

That wouldn’t have made Alice Paul too happy, I suspect; she tightly controlled the image of the Congressional Union, and while she privately might have supported Sara shifting the conversation from voting rights to free love wasn't in the plans.

Adultery, divorce, and (attempted) out-of-wedlock babies; these were all frowned on in 1915, especially for someone washed in the blood of the lamb.

“I am gnawed with hunger for you,” she wrote him from Cheyenne.

“I am physically nervous with the spiritual ache for you.

I was struck by that as we came through Evanston and I met Nonie Profitt, a sheepherder and part-time librarian.

Nonie was born and brought up in Evanston, and knew pretty early that she was interested in women although rural Wyoming was not the place to figure it out.

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