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Listen to the series Same-sex marriage has arrived. Authors Sean Mc Dowell and John Stonestreet remind believers that same-sex marriage isn't the root of the problem, but the fruit of the sexual revolution that began decades ago.

Together they delve into the meaning of love as defined by our culture and the who...

Reminiscing about their past, Dennis and Barbara talk about their biggest marital adjustments and the ... Pastor David Nasser tells how his family escaped execution and fled Iran during the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

Listen to the series Michael and Hayley Di Marco, CEOs and founders of Hungry Planet, talk about Michael's descent into a gambling addiction and the felony that finally got his attention and turned his life around.... For nine months his family tried legally to get into the United States. Listen to the series What do you think of those serving time?

Allberry reminds believers that marriage only points to the ultimate marriage we have with Je...

Listen to the series Caleb talks about what it was like growing up with a mom and dad who divorced because they were gay.

Pastor Sam Allberry can tell you, because he has struggled with same-sex attraction since he was an adolescent.

Thankfully, Allberry never acted out on those feelings because he believed the gospel and put his faith in Christ.

He also explains how his attempt to prove the Bible was false actually started him on a walk of faith, and eventually led him into the pastorate....

Listen to the series Christianity in America today is in the midst of a gigantic adjustment to a world where gender and sexual identity seem fluid. Pastor Crawford Loritts directs us back to the divine Designer's intent for gender.

Allberry encourages others who are struggling to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” Sam Allberry is a pastor based in Maidenhead, UK.

He is part of the global speaking team for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, and an editor for The Gospel Coalition. Warner Wallace, a cold-case homicide detective, and his wife, Susie, tell how he applied his investigative skills to his study of the Bible, sure he could prove it wrong.

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