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‘So, as we get older, we are not as able to store and recall information as well.‘Zumba involves following and participating in sequenced movements, an activity that creates new brain cells.

Just as you can develop new muscle at any age, you can develop new neural pathways.

Mention Zumba to friends or colleagues and reactions will doubtless fall into two camps.

After six weeks they were assessed, including taking the Stroop test – a questionnaire designed to assess how fast the brain processes information.

All showed significant improvements.‘You always see a boost at first, just because people are getting off the sofa for the first time,’ explains Joy.

The cause is unknown, but is probably down to a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Dopamine plays a key role in regulating movement and a fall in levels is why Parkinson’s symptoms include involuntary shaking and muscle stiffness.

The classes can be adapted for everyone.’ But could Zumba really be a treatment for serious degenerative illnesses?

A group of 35 participants aged over 65 all took either Zumba or yoga classes for 30 minutes, twice a week.

We definitely need to study this link further.’For me, the slightly over-the-top yet ultimately uplifting vibe of the conference is neatly summed up during the opening ceremony.

Over the course of two hours, a succession of life-changing stories are told from the stage, prompting thousands in the audience to cheer, weep, whoop and weep some more.‘Three years later, I retired from my medical practice and decided to train as a Zumba instructor.

In the Zumba community, they use the following slightly tongue-in-cheek equation to explain the success of the class: F = LBC.

‘I teach people with Parkinson’s, arthritis or cognitive problems, and stroke survivors.

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