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In doing so, they will consider the specific need expressed by the party, the severity or pervasiveness of the reported conduct, any continuing impact on the party, and whether the complainant and the respondent share the same residence hall, classes, transportation, or job location.The University will maintain the confidentiality of any accommodations or protective measures to the extent possible.Accommodations and protective measures are available regardless of whether a complainant makes a prohibited conduct report to the campus Title IX office or pursues an investigation under this policy.

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In addition, University members have the following reporting and other obligations related to possible prohibited conduct.

Supervisors and human resources representatives must report sexual harassment directed at University employees or third parties to the campus Title IX office.

The particular responsive actions that a supervisor or human resources representative should take will depend on the circumstances.

Below is a list of some examples of responsive actions that might be appropriate for a supervisor or human resources representative to take in certain cases.

To the extent any provision of this policy conflicts with any other University policy, this policy controls.

Nothing in this policy should be interpreted to abridge academic freedom or principles of free speech.

These protective measures may be implemented because a party has requested them, the campus Title IX office or its designee has recommended them, or a local unit or department has identified a need for them.

Possible protective measures include: Parties may seek these accommodations and protective measures by contacting the campus Title IX office or its designee.

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