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In a previous issue, The Truth About Government Grant Scams, we explained how crooks were using the availability of government grants as a cover for scamming individuals and businesses.

With the economy still struggling to emerge from recession, these government grant scams have become more brutal than ever, with many new variations popping up.

The application process requires filling out and submitting USCIS Form I-90.

See Replacing Lost or Stolen Green Card for more on this topic. USCIS does not mind if you carry around an expired green card once you have the N-400 application for naturalization on file.

If you need to change jobs or travel outside the U. For details on the process of applying to convert from conditional to permanent resident status, see Immigration Law Immigration Law Basics Getting a Visa, Green Card or Asylum Getting a Green Card Becoming a U.

S., you could be placed in removal proceedings and lose your right to U. Form I-90 comes with a fairly complete set of instructions, and you can read more on the USCIS website.

Note that Form I-90 is also the one you would use if your green card was lost, stolen, or destroyed before the expiration date. citizenship, you can submit the citizenship application instead of renewing the green card.

When the expiration date on your green card is six months away, you will need to apply to renew it.

The form is available at your local USCIS office, by mail from 800-870-3676, or on the I-90 page of the USCIS website.

You can also submit this form online, through the USCIS system known as ELIS—though you will still have to mail in the supporting documentation, namely a copy of your green card.

In Part 2 of the form, check either 1a or 1b, and 2f in section A. You will need to pay a fee for this application, which was 5 as of early 2018 (but check the USCIS website for the latest fees) plus fee for biometrics (fingerprinting, photographing, and the electronic capture of your signature).

Your fingerprints will then be checked against an FBI database.

If any crimes are found on your record that could make you deportable from the U. See a lawyer if you have any concerns about the contents of your FBI record.

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