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Also using the competitive analysis discussed in earlier blogs will enable your company to gain valuable insight to what you are doing better or not doing well.

Evaluate the company’s Unique Selling Proposition, also known as USP and how that USP relates to what and how things are delivered to the customers.

This can be done by asking each customer how they heard about your company and why they do business with your company.

We do this within our own company and is a process for our employees when someone calls or walks into our showroom.

This is a great opportunity to listen to the customers at a time when there is so much to offer on the Internet.

It has been said that traditional media is losing its face value and that the Internet is a fad and digital only applies to the millennium generation.

How would you like to manage your complete business from one centralized online location? Read More If you have not read the latest copy of Full BRAIN Marketing for the Small Business then now is the perfect time to get your latest copy.

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You can now take advantage of our new online business platform. New chapter updates help keep with the latest social media statistics found today!While that may seem true, if you want to stay on the innovative cusp for your business, use both traditional and Internet media marketing.Here are some reasons why: • Online conversations can power or deflate a company’s brand. • Discover specific issues that are being discussed around your company, brand, or organization and create feedback to these issues.The benefits of digital media can be highly measurable and marketers can often see a direct effect in the form of improved sales in addition to establishing a direct link with the customer. However, the pitfalls of digital marketing can be that the medium is new, constantly changing, and evolving with results that vary. By engaging the customer, you can clearly define your audience and determine the best way to engage that audience (both traditionally and digitally).First, examine your budget and deliverables and set goals with measurable expectations.By mid-1990s, IMC was being described as an emerging concept and field, but was also perceived as one with a lack of any generally accepted definition or process for precedence.Prior to this time, it was noted that there was little discussion or description of what has now come to be called IMC and this term was considered to be a mere buzzword and now look at the reality. Social Media The emergency and popularity of social networking and social media sites has made it easy for an individual to communicate in real time with thousands of total strangers being present online and conversations take place as if with a single close friend.If the target audience is between forty and fifty-five, I suggest you use all three methods to reach them.There will be some in this group who appreciate social media, but most prefer the traditional and digital media.Integrated Marketing Communication The concept of integrated marketing communications, also known as IMC, is relatively new over the past few years.The general idea is that there are a wide array of media methods and channels for communicating with those outside of a company that a company needs to coordinate and centralize these activities over the long term in order to be effective.

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