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Thank You, Jim and Noina Welcome to online dating services and Asian dating site for meet Thai girls.

Rangpura is caught between its urban aspirations and rural roots.

Crazy, loopy, nutty, sarcastic, funny, quirky ( in a good way lol), bouncy, slightly insane gal is how my mate just described me Looking to meet interesting people to chat, have a giggle with and keep my interest. so here's the bit thats meant to be a little bit about me, well i don't do much as of yet, just finished uni and trying to get a job at the BBC, apart from that bored mainly like the rest of us, ohh and i'm an rnb rock type singer, got a few tracks out, if u w... Hang around with my mates, partying, swimming, going Gym, playing football, facebook, msn and likes to talk t...

I'm up for a laugh but want a girl who is confident and not affraid to stand up for themselves, respectful, beautiful outside and on the inside, Please message me for a picture and/or mobile number! Hi Pennie : sorry I can't message you at the moment .

We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.

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: D i drive a moped, single atm :( i got facebook,msn,youtube,facetime,mobile number!

my name is Curtis Harries, i am 21 years old, i live in south wales Newport Gwent In Alway !!

If you are from Northants i bet you have seen me around (look out for the number plate!

)I have recently been dating girls but have a problem committing and each girl i've been with i just seem to cheat beh...

Rizwan put him in a neighbour’s car and took him to Sialkot Medical Complex, a private facility.

Gujju had died before reaching the hospital, says Rizwan.

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