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Seth myers dating

“They were kissing and looked super happy,” says the onlooker about the potential new couple.Winners Aziz Ansari and Laura Dern kept their trophies close by as they mingled at the party.“We’ve had five sheepdogs, and they’ve all been named Albert.

On Thanksgiving, the late night television host announced that he and Alexi Ashe are expecting their second child.

“A couple years ago on this show, we announced that we were having [now 20-month-old son] Ashe and so I wanna take this opportunity now …

And to celebrate his happy news, Meyers invited his brother Josh and their parents Larry and Hillary Meyers as his guests for the Thanksgiving show.

Meyer’s mom revealed that when her son first told her about the news he was “sobbing.” “I said, ‘What happened? ’ And he said, ‘No, no it’s wonderful news, it’s wonderful news.’ I said, ‘What is it?

Supporting Moore is getting pretty tough, what with reports about his having been banned from the YMCA and a local shopping mall when he was in his 30s and allegedly using those locations to pick up teens.

Lindsey Graham has weighed in on that, saying “I’ve met a lot of people in the mall.And, if you’re getting kicked out of the mall, that’s a pretty bad situation to find yourself in.” Snarked Meyers: “I agree. ” [Answer: politician] But the highlight of Meyers’ segment was the clip of Moore’s lawyer explaining to MSNBC’s Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle why 30something Moore always asked permission of teenage girls’ mothers before dating them.It somehow involved “other countries” where parents make “arrangements” for their daughters, which he suggested Velshi would understand. ” Ruhle snapped, demanding to know what Velshi being from Canada had to do with Roy Moore dating 14 year olds.“She was loving all the attention that she got,” adds the Nina Dobrev was photographed heading out of the party (presented by Beats by Dre) with longtime pal Chace Crawford and his girlfriend, but inside the fête she was spotted getting cozy with a mystery date.” his mom added, which seemed to suggest the couple is having a second son.“Well now okay, we have not decided on a name, but dad, explain why you feel so strongly about Albert,” Meyers said.The star also carried around a big bag of In-N-Out Burger while Dern sipped on champagne.Be sure to check out PEOPLE’s full Golden Globes coverage to get the latest news on Hollywood’s big night.’ And he said, ‘Well, we’re gonna have another baby,’ ” she began. ’ And he said, ‘Because for over a month I’ve had to pretend I don’t care what sex it is, but I do care, I want a little boy.’ ” “That’s true,” the host added.“I really wanted a brother for my son because I was so lucky to have one.” “They’ve always been the best of friends, two years apart and that’s exactly what Ashe and Albert are gonna be, right?

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