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Browsing around Ustream shows that most of the “shows” are really stupid and boring.

A few, though, offer real shows that are entertaining and useful. By the way, a poor man’s way to do room monitoring could be to use your cheap webcam in conjunction with Ustream. Perhaps you simply want to get some footage of yourself and record it for something else.

Setting up the webcam with Skype is easy and works most of the time.

I say “most of the time” because I used to have a weird problem with everything looking green and scrambled – kinda like watching pay-per-view without the unscrambling.

Chris Pirillo, of Lockergnome and Tech TV fame, has almost totally changed the way he brings content to the web now.

He uses live streaming video almost 24/7 and he then posts recordings of relevant portions to Youtube and several other video sites. TV is another pretty popular live webcam streaming site.

Once connected to your network, you can directly access the webcam and view what it sees over the internet.

Essentially, then, the webcam is a mini-computer with a lens.

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The general method males use for this purpose is to find a lady friend with whom they can wander into any of the increasingly liberal changing rooms of our major retail stores.

Now, Chris Pirillo is not using a small USB webcam for his primary footage. And he does use a service that anybody can use: Ustream.

Ustream makes bringing live video to the web really easy.

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