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Scotland dating partnership

The general partner must be a corporate body incorporated in the UK, or in another EEA state and it must have a place of business in the UK, or in another EEA state.For further information you should contact the FCA.

The information supplied on the form must include: Once we receive these, we’ll issue a certificate of registration if the name is acceptable.

SLPs now have an obligation to investigate their ownership and control and start registering this information from 24 July 2017.

If a limited partner takes part in the management of the firm, it becomes liable for all the debts and obligations of the firm incurred whilst doing this. A PFLP’s structure differs from the ordinary limited partnership structure in the following areas: If your limited partnership is authorised to conduct its business as a PFLP, you should submit a form LP8.

Once we’ve registered the form, we’ll issue a certificate to confirm the limited partnership has been designated as a PFLP. An authorised partnership is a limited partnership (which is not a PFLP) authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to act as an Authorised Contractual Scheme (ACS) under the Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (Contractual Scheme) Regulations 2013.

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To register, you must send us an application for registration (form LP5), or a form LP5(s) if registering the LP in Scotland, signed by all the partners.

The limited partnership will come into existence on registration of an acceptable LP5 or LP5(s).

An authorised partnership must tell us it’s been authorised by the FCA and include the authorisation number on a form LP6.

You must also tell us if that authorisation is revoked.

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