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Sarah harding dating in the dark episode 4

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In 2015 Sarah appeared in Coronation Street for a few episodes playing Joni – the wife of returning character Robert Preston.

Her acting was panned by both critics and fans and she was not invited back by producers.

Sarah appears in BBC One celebrity Gymboree competition ‘Tumble’ alongside Sugababes hitwoman Amelle Berrabah and ‘H’ from Steps.

She places as runner-up, losing to unknown ‘actor’ Bobby Lockwood. Sarah tweets Yvette Fielding to see if she fancies doing another episode of Most Haunted with her.

Previous boyfriends include music producer Mark Foster, Theo Van Dries and Danny Dyer – who The Sun recently revealed she had a six-week affair with.

After getting drunk in Week Two of CBB, Sarah and Chad Johnson and later that week the pair were seen kissing in bed.When asked why she chose the show, Sarah is allegedly quoted as saying she could “relate”.A newly teetotal Sarah allegedly saves the life of unconscious British reveller on the quiet island of Ibiza, calling an ambulance and putting them into the recovering position, after seeing them slumped on the pavement whilst she was taking a quiet night-time drive around the island.Sarah had a six-week affair with Danny Dyer in 2012 when they met on the set of Run For Your Wife in which Danny played a cabbie secretly juggling two wives.The singer believed Dyer was single when he seduced her — but later left heartbroken when she learned he had a long-term partner, Joanne Mas who is now his wife. They’ve seen each other a few times since and it’s been very awkward.” Sarah’s acting career began when she had a cameo in St Trinian’s in 2007.Despite the girls calling it a day in 2013, Sarah has remained in the public eye, and her fling with Chad Johnson was the story of Celebrity Big Brother 2017 – with Sarah crowned the overall winner. Sarah has remained in the public eye since Girls Aloud called it a day Sarah Harding is a singer and actor who found fame in Girls Aloud after auditioning for Pop Stars: The Rivals.The group – which also features Cheryl, Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh – split in 2013, just a year after they reunited for their ten year anniversary.Later withdraws, allegedly in protest after the magazine incorrectly lists her profession as “Pizza Hut waitress” when it is in fact, “Pizza Hut Server” Sarah enters ITV money-spinning franchise-cum-“talent” show ‘Popstars: The Rivals’.She is selected by noted musical genius Geri Halliwell, as well as professional geriatrics Louis Walsh and Pete Waterman, to become a member of winning band Girls Aloud.This year’s makeover is designed to look like a “top celeb retreat”.Housemates can enjoy a large salon-style bathroom, pastel-coloured interiors, an array of plants and two jacuzzis.

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