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Sarah said: “I’ve worked in property all my life and I’ve learned that it’s not just about pretty high streets and well decorated interiors.To find the right place to live, what’s essential is planning, planning, planning.In 2003, Sarah co-hosted Britain’s Best Homes for Channel 4.

But they considered a move after the show took them to East Dunbartonshire in Scotland, the area with the lowest average property prices in the UK at £97,089 – 2.6 times local annual average gross earnings.

Graduate Kevin, who lives with his parents in Talgarth, South Wales was taken to Cambridge, which has the best ratio of jobseekers to jobs.

Sarah Lucinda Beeny Sarah Beeny was born on 9th January 1972.

They were all teenage sweethearts, too: Beeny met her husband, Graham Swift, an artist, at the age of 19.

They both mortgaged their houses to begin the site.

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Anyone with at least 1/20 vision must have got an eyeful of Sarah’s… “assets”Depending on how you look at it, she’s either fortunately or unfortunately, formed quite a [seedy] fan base because of them. She was the first at school to get boobs and wear a bra.

She has four sons, owns an internet dating site and hires out her stately home for weddings.

My parents lived in the middle of nowhere and were self-sufficient.

Sarah is best known for presenting property shows on Channel 4, such as ‘Property Ladder’Sarah set-up her own property development company when she was 24 with her brother and boyfriend.

Speaking of which, here’s a collection of property development tips from the Bean herself.

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