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Park Min Young's character here was charming and cute!Some other stupid main female lead, if having seen misleading information about her lover's father who possibly killed hers, would definitely have dragged out the drama and anger and silent treatment to 3-4 episodes.

JCW is now on my top list of fave kpop star followed by Kim so hyun and Lee Minho.

Though lot of people commented this is part 2 of "City Hunter" which i disagreed to it.

Now, it's been nearly 20 hours since I finished it and I'm so gutted that I have nothing to look forward to now.

Watch him in Healer and he will make u melt with his hotness.

They understand each other, care for each other, aren't afraid of showing their love, and most of all, they trust each other wholeheartedly.

I also felt that compared to how strongly affected Myunghee was about the incident with her child at the beginning, it felt like how she reacted at finding out that her daughter was alive the whole time kind of underwhelming.

There's many aspects of the story that seem to still be open to me.

:") I had lots of high expectations for this drama since it had such high ratings, and while there were a lot of good moments here and there, as well as really good characters and interesting plots, I felt there were many aspects missing.

Apart after Empree Ki drama, this is another his recognition successful acting as Seo Junh Hoo.

: D This Drama is not fully appreciated by Koreans because of it's Bad rating.

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