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We mean, just take a look at Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval's relationship!!

Participants then responded to questions from the researchers who attempted to gauge how they felt as a group about enhanced versus natural photos.

She reacts by going into the party and trying to broadcast the recording on the speakers so that everyone can hear it.

Yes, Brittany is taking her grievances public, just like so many women have.

The stakes are high for choosing the right picture for your online dating profile, yet enhancing photos could make a woman seem too good to be true, according to a new study.

On the flipside, women who viewed enhanced photos of men perceived them as being more trustworthy as well as more attractive, according to the research team who hails from the University of Connecticut.

Jax freaks out because he knows his reputation will be further ruined and the guys run off to Tom and Katie’s apartment next door to talk about how what these gals are doing to them is totally unfair.

Lala, Stassi, Kristen, Scheana, and Ariana all huddle around Brittany to support her and listen to this tape so that they can convince Brittany that Jax is a piece of shit and she did nothing wrong.For starters, for an episode all about celebrating the LGBTQ community, it was kind of homophobic of the producers to edit a storyline questioning Lisa Vanderpump's controversial DJ's sexuality.Not to mention, the Bravo hit has always been very supportive of bromances on the program, so the narrative seemed very off brand.After consuming QUITE a bit to drink, James humblebragged: Logan muttered his response and Lala seemed relatively tuned out from this update from James.Thus, the sensitive Bravolebrity immediately went on the attack.First of all, Lala gets a hold of a recording of a conversation that Jax had with Faith after cheating on Brittany with her.Lala and Ariana then play that tape for Brittany while everyone is shithoused off of drunk gummies at Jax and Brittany’s “housewarming” party.We’re not allowed to hear the tape, but apparently Jax said that he’s never going to marry Brittany, that he is no longer sexually attracted to her, and there is no way that he’s ever going to have children with her.On top of dealing with the fact that he’s cheating, this is way too much for Brittany."In our sample, attraction seems to be more important than trust."The research team will present their findings at the 65th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to take place from May 21 to 25.Los Angeles Pride had the SURvers questioning James Kennedy's sexuality — and it was uncomfortable to watch.

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