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Rowupdating error

The Fill Error Event Handler is as follows: Row Updated and Row Updating are two more events that a data adapter supports.

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I added an event handler for the button by double- clicking on it and writing the code shown in listing 9-6.In this application, I added the Customers table to the Query Builder and selected the Company Name, Contact Name, and Customer ID columns from the Customers table.As you can see from figure 9-8, the Query Builder shows the SQL statement.Next, I added a data adapter control to the form by dragging the Ole Bbd Ataadapter component from the toolbox's data tab to the form.As you drop the Ole Db Data Adapter component to the form, the data adapter configuration wizard pops up.For a while now I’m trying to figure out why my method, triggered by the Grid View.Row Updating event, doesn’t work as all samples say it should do.When we edit a row in our Grid View and press the “Update” button, at some time it’s received in the Row Updating method.But as I noted in the comments in that method, some collections that should contain the columns (names, old values and new values) are always empty. And the Row Updated method is never even touched!!! NET Forums that I need to use a Data Source control.Fill Error Event Handler handles the Fill Error event.The event handler receives an argument of type Fill Error Event Args, which contains data related to this event.

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