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And honestly, if you look at the entire weekend, Emily is having a good time, and it is Lorelai’s reluctance to just make the best out of it that makes it shittier for her. Look at Emily’s face when she talks about chatting during their pedicure! And yes, bonding often involves grilling Lorelai about her personal life, but so does every parents’ idea of bonding. I love that they’re both really excited to get out of the spa to get a steak. I would have kept an eye on Emily, if anything – girl-code 101, Lor, come on: you keep an eye on your friend’s face to see if she is uncomfortable, and if she is, you jump in. Moreover, Rory is so uncomfortable she invites Paris to stay. But also because I love the few conversations between Jess and Paris.

Is it just me or is every single bartender in this series called Steve? That scene with Chad (the guy who asks Emily to dance) is tricky to me. That guy just grabbed Emily for the second dance and pulled her super close. That sounds an awful lot like when you get a friend to stay with you at a nightclub cause a guy is being pushy. Like I have said before, I wish they would have appeared together more.

Here is the summary: Emily and Lorelai go on a spa day together, alone. Rory plans to have a day home alone, uninterrupted by anyone. There are renovations happening at Luke’s diner (it’s been a while, but you remember Luke tearing a hole in the wall for Jess’ room? Not Lorelai, not her grandparents, not Paris, not Jess, not Dean. Everyone expects to decide over her time and if they don’t, they expect a huge apology from her.

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And like, Rory saying Dean was justified in yelling, and asking Dean to stay for ice cream, and he still walks out all poutyfaced like he is the victim? I think I dislike Rory sometimes in the same way that I dislike my past self. I GET SO MAD AT THIS SCENE THAT I USUALLY FAST-FORWARD IT. He is so unreasonable and his paranoia doesn’t even make sense (like, what does he think is going on, with junk food, and Paris, right there? ), and he clearly has anger issues to work through. You covered for Rory and saved her from the yelling doormat. The monthly subscription box is basically a care package from Stars Hollow, filled with Gilmore goodies like accessories, prints, and, of course, coffee., Etsy Get the Rory Gilmore reading list for the bookworm in your life.Readers can cross off classics from the list of the 339 referenced books on the series.In a TV show it is meant to be funny, but it is super mean. Jess bringing food for Rory can be seen as sweet/ a dorky way to try and spend time with her OR as him not respecting Rory’s time and Rory’s hints that he should leave.Why can’t they establish boundaries explicitly, saying “hey let’s do A, B, and C together and then X, Y and Z can be alone times? Like, we all know they are super different and all but, Lorelai has had 16 years out of her parents’ place: that’s plenty of time to grow up and get over that fact. Absolutely) So, I guess, I understand Lorelai wanting her mom to have fun, but I also understand Emily being somewhat mad at Lorelai for pushing her. Everytime they are doing well, something happens and they bring eeeeeverything up again. You can see her discomfort with him staying, and his twisting her words in a creepy, arm-twisting way. First of all, because her face here is everything to me.Or, you could purchase one of the Gilmore approved books?Here's the Buzz Feed list of the 300 titles mentioned on Gilmore Girls., Amazon Lauren Graham's new book, Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between), is the perfect book for the longtime fan who just finished binging A Year In The Life. ", Amazon It's impossible to make it through an episode of Gilmore Girls without grabbing a snack.For the first dance, Emily seemed to be having fun. And while we kind of know Jess just wanted to stay and chat with Rory, that doesn’t make it not-creepy behaviour. They disagree so much, but they’re both really smart, and get into awesome conversations with Rory as well. And then comes Dean to also not respect Rory’s boundaries and also ruining everything. If you are kicking out *friends* because your boyfriend gets his panties in a bunch with every dude that is anywhere near you, please run. I don’t watch Supernatural, but I really hope Jared Padalecki has improved his acting skills since then. Why are they in a relationship in which she doesn’t feel comfortable just saying NO (I know the answer is that they’re young and stupid) and why can’t he take a fucking hint (I know the answer is because he is Doormat Dean)?! But then he gets angry, storms into Rory’s house and starts yelling? The episode ends with Dean creepily staring at Rory through the window, Lorelai acting as if Dean’s anger about the night before is justified, and them both saying “Rory would never lie” while looking at Rory laughing with Jess.

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