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Robert whitelaw carbon dating

Virtually every once-living thing was datable by the short-term C-14 method.

Many give astonishingly recent dates, and all gave reasonably recent dates.

It is assumed that none of the daughter lead or argon was present when the parent uranium or potassium entered the rock.

Recent research on young rocks has upset this assumption.

Both methods are based on assumptions that are not justified. The assumption is that the uranium and potassium were there, in the rock, for millions of years in a closed (uncontaminated) system. In reality, the minerals in the rocks would be subject to contamination, leaching, mixing, evaporation, and other spoiling factors, which make dating by minerals impossible.

A second assumption is that radioactive decay rates never vary.

We have been moving the argument toward an earth which is not awesomely ancient, but surprisingly young.

But, you may object, what about radioactive dating?

For any faithful evolutionist, this is not only embarrassing, it is impossible.

If evolution is true, and if creatures have been living and dying for hundreds of millions of years, then in every 30,000 random specimens tested by C-14, only 2 should be datable and 29,998 undatable.

Less than 1% of the argon in rocks is the result of decay from potassium.

It is difficult to determine which is daughter argon and which is not.

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