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Robbie amell and italia ricci dating

So, there's a good chance they met on American Pie in 2007 and it was love at first sight (FYI, Hello! Also, they're both Canadians, so maybe they knew each other from their homeland, eh? I think it's important to note that before they got serious, Amell revealed to Seventeen that his crush at the time (the website does not list when the interview is from) was "a Canadian actress, Italia Ricci." OK. Their love is a real-life fairytale and I can't handle it.

However they met doesn't really matter, because Amell and Ricci were obviously destined for one another, and I thank them for bringing even more love and cuteness to the world.

According to IMDb, in 2010, Ricci portrayed "Herself playing Dr.

And although the wedding may come at a surprise for some, the nupitals were a longtime coming for these newlyweds. "I'm going to marry my best friend." And now, after eight years together, these two BFFs have many more anniversaries ahead of them!

Amell and Ricci have been dating since 2008 and then became engaged in August of 2014 after six years together. Seven weeks ago, the couple reportedly celebrated their wedding shower with boxes on boxes of cheesy, delicious pizza.

"[It'll be] classic and elegant — I mean, I hope," Ricci previously shared with Entertainment Tonight ahead of the wedding.

"As classy and elegant as you can get when there are burgers or pizza [being served] — or maybe both."See More: Crowd-Pleasing Late-Night Wedding Snacks: The Comfort Foods Edition On the big day, Ricci looked the part of a classic ballroom bride, donning a Rosa Clara ball gown for the occasion.

I dig being an Amell." And we have to agree, being an Amell definitely looks like it agrees with her!

Canadia-born couple actor Robbie Amell and actress Italia Ricci are one of Hollywood's favorite.Back in the day, Amell starred in Nickelodeon's True Jackson, VP, where he played Jimmy Madigan.Well, Ricci also played a small part in the series.The experience brought Robbie to realize that he wanted to pursue a career in acting.Shortly after choosing to follow acting, he booked the part of Daniel Murtaugh in the major motion picture Cheaper by the Dozen 2, headed by names such as Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, Hilary Duff, Tom Welling and - of whom he played the son - Eugene Levy and Carmen Electra. I can't really be sure," Amell adorably captioned an Instagram snapshot of the moment he popped the question.But their recent wedding day seemed far more glitzy and glam — although they still didn't skimp on the comfort food!The couple is now married for two years, and they are getting stronger together as the time Robbie Amell and his wife Italia Ricci are married since 15th October 2016.“It was better than every dream I’d ever had as a nine year old girl thinking about her Cinderella wedding,” Italia added.“It was just that on crack.” Italia and Ricci started dating back in 2008 and got engaged in 2014.

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