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Rihanna and chris brown are dating again

The chemistry is palpable in their new video, and Rihanna likely has the upper hand.

It's not the first time rumors have surfaced about Rihanna and rap's flavor of the month Drake (better known to teenybopper types as a star back in the day.) Last May, the two shared some smooches at a NYC bowling alley after Rihanna famously called it quits with a tempestuous Chris Brown, and Rihanna recently admitted to radio’s Angie Martinez that the two had a fling.

And now that she may be parting ways with baseballer Matt Kemp, she could be strutting back into Drake's waiting arms once again.

reports that the big pimpin' LA Dodger was spotted leaving after-hours with a woman on each arm and alleged had a sexy sleepover with both ladies.

(Ouch.)Meanwhile, Rihanna's duet with Drake, "What's My Name," recently hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, and they appear to be pretty "hot" off the charts as well.

I was like, ' Wow, this feels terrible.'"Sounds like all is forgiven though, as the two now appear to be spending plenty of QT together.

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And if it happens to go south again, perhaps Rihanna can channel her inner Taylor Swift and at least pen a few good tunes out of it!"I don't want anything that's going to take up so much of my energy and time right now in a bad way.I just want to have fun and that's what it's about." Rihanna Has a New Beau So what could go wrong with a little flirty fun? Kemp has been hitting up Hollywood's club circuit and seems to be visibly enjoying what it has to offer.Remember when Drake told Rihanna, "When you're ready, just say you're ready/ When all the baggage just ain't as heavy/ And the party's over, just don't forget me/ We'll change the pace and we'll just go slow"?Well, whether you do or don't, it seems like she definitely did, and perhaps now is the time that baggage ain't as heavy.And remember, Chris himself confirmed he had those sick, twisted views on relationships in that seriously creepy Instagram video he shared at the beginning of February.So think about it, Rihanna: is this really the kind of person you want in your life?Drake couldn't leave the stage without gushing about the Barbados beauty, and one Twitter user caught the moment. "Shout out to the most beautiful, talented woman I've ever seen," he told the crowd. I'm gettin' my heart broken." The pair have also spent a lot of time together while in London. It's never easy to hear of someone you love being in love with someone else (even if that person doesn't know you exist), but let's put our emotions aside and root for their happiness, yes? Drizzy and Ri Ri have been at the top of couple speculation and fan-shipping for years now, with their musical collaboration only fueling the flame, and although they've taken a crack at the love game before, it never stuck—until now? News has learned that the two stars are dating again, and that the feelings never faded on Drake's end. Rihanna is the one that's been not wanting to settle down in the past," the insider tells us."They are having fun spending time with each other. In fact, the OVO rapper made a surprise appearance during her concert in Manchester to perform the hard-to-understand-but-undoubtedly-catchy track, and the chemistry was undeniable.

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