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It means a pretty, a high-born, a fashionable young female, well instructed by her friends, and furnished by her milliner with a wardrobe upon credit, to be repaid, when married, by her husband.

Fearful frights – Kicks, in the most humiliating quarters. Filly – A lady who goes racing pace in round dances, e.g., ‘She’s the quickest filly in the barn.’ Either from French ‘fille’, or in reference to the use of the word in stables. Filly and foal – A young couple of lovers sauntering apart from the world. From ‘five shillings or seven days’, the ordinary London magisterial decision upon ‘drunks’ unknown to the police, and reduced by Mr.

Next, about 1890, they took over the name for young boys’ knee-trousers, and were styled knickerbockers the name of which probably came from Washington Irving.

Society maddists – Term to describe people not born in society, who devote their whole lives, and often fortunes, to get into society. Tail tea – The afternoon tea following royal drawing-rooms, at which ladies who had been to court that afternoon, appeared in their trains hence tail teas. The lady is young and good-looking and is exquisitely toileted. When charged prisoner said he knew nothing about the murder ; he was very drunk.

A witness who worked with him said he had heard Nicholson say, ‘ I shall do a Whitechapel on my wife yet ‘. – Satiric street reproach addressed to a middle-aged woman talking to a youth.

Get inside and pull the blinds down – Gross verbal attack delivered on the highway at a poor rider. Gooseberry-picker – A confidant in love matters, who shields the couple, and brings about interviews between them. Keep up, old queen – Valediction addressed by common women to a sister being escorted into a prison van. Derived from a police case where a barman stated that he said to the prisoner over and over again, ‘Outside, Eliza’ but she would not go, and finally smashed a plate-glass window.

Language of flowers (Bow Street Police Court, 1860-83) – Ten shillings or seven days; the favourite sentence of Mr. Propper bit of frock – Pretty and clever well-dressed girl.

At the time it did, because such social niceties constituted basic manners and politeness.

Of course, some etiquette rules were arbitrary, but they were nonetheless functional.

Six of everything – Said by workwomen and workmen’s wives in praise of a girl who marries with a trousseau meeting the respectable requirements of this phrase. Society journal – Evasive name for a scandal-publishing newspaper. Totty all colours – Young person who has contrived to get most of the colours of the rainbow into her costume. Poor young lady sent out to India to obtain a husband. In and about 1888 a number of women of the town in the East of London were murdered and mutilated.

Society journalist – A contributor to the Society Journal. Pretty Martha Springsteen brings suit against her husband for separation. Before the year was out a woman murder came to be called a Whitechapel.

I shouldn’t like to be in James Carey’s boots his trousers either, if all I hear is true. Hosack, a metropolitan magistrate, to five or seven. May be a jocular derangement of grace before breakfast. Grecian Bend – A satirical description of a stoop forward in walking noticed amongst women of extreme fashion during the last years of the Second French Empire, and which was due to the use of enormously high-heeled French boots. (See ” Roman Fall,” ” Alexandra Limp,” ” Buxton Limp.”) Haw-haw toff – Swell, aristocrat ‘haw-haw’ being an expression very common as to the opening words of upper class men, while toff is almost the sound caused by haughtily drawing in the breath with the lower lip on the edge of the upper teeth.

Foot-and-mouth disease – Swearing followed by kicking. Dick Dawson had a message conveyed to him from O’Grady requesting the honour of his company the next morning to ‘grass before breakfast’. He worships his creator – Said of a self-made man who has a good opinion of himself.

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