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That would make the reliquidation in this case untimely, and therefore void.The Court found the statute specifies that the relevant date is the date of notice, not the date of liquidation.

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Don't ascribe these statements to my law firm, its partners or clients. Under 1504(d), an entry that has been suspended is deemed liquidated if not liquidated within six months of the lifting of the suspension.

The relevant amendment changes the existing law "by striking 'on which notice of the original liquidation is given or transmitted to the importer, his consignee or agent' and inserting 'of the original liquidation'.” This should make the relevant date the date on which the deemed liquidation occurs, not the date of notice, which is how it should be (if you ask me).] The second recent case from the Court of International Trade involves the deemed liquidation of an entry. For purposes of my own time management, I am just going to give you the take-aways. The first question is whether Customs and Border Protection can reliquidate a deemed liquidation within the 90-day period set in .

The Court of International Trade disagreed, noting that since 2004, § 1501 has specifically referenced § 1504.

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That reference covers deemed liquidations under both § 1504(a) and § 1504(d). (Part One) The Generalized System of Preferences (“GSP”) is a program that has afforded beneficiary developing countries duty-free treatment of their qualified goods directly exported to the United States.GSP was instituted on January 1, 1976, by the Trade Act of 1974. Chamber of Commerce in a 2005 study said that over 80,000 American jobs are associated with moving GSP imports from the docks to farmers, manufacturers, and retail shelves. S., GSP has been effective for prescribed periods, subject to expiration. In the past, when GSP lapsed, legislation intended to reinstate duty-free treatment eventually has been put in place. The Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 includes, at § 911 a fix for the issue discussed in this post. This is a collection case in which the United States is seeking ,000 from a surety for unpaid antidumping duties, plus pre-judgment and post-judgment interest.In this case, the defendant argues that Customs cannot reliquidate an entry deemed liquidated under § 1504(d).Whether you’re liquidating an estate or cashing in on a collection, trust us to set up the details of your auction. Pulaski, IL are small-time operations that only work part time or deal with particular items.Mike Maske Auction Service prides itself on being your local, full-time auction expert, providing a full scope of auction services no matter what you’re looking to bring to bidders!The postings of a customs lawyer in Chicago on the state of customs law and international trade law. Also, under the rules regulating speech by attorneys, this blog may be construed as lawyer advertising. A deemed liquidation occurs when Customs fails to liquidate an entry within the time allotted by statute.Important Disclaimer: None of this is legal advice, don't act on it. In the ordinary case, this is one year from the date of entry.The second question was when the 90-day clock starts to run for the voluntary reliquidation.The defendant asserted the entirely reasonable position that it starts to run on the date of the deemed liquidation.

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