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She was reluctant at first to speak of the weekend, and wanted assurance that none of them would be shocked by what they were about to hear.

Julie loved and valued all of them as friends, something she would not want to risk in any way.

'In our room she encouraged us to change, explaining that we could wear whatever we liked but since it was such a warm night the other guests would all be making themselves comfortable and wearing something similar to her.

We needed to fly up on the Friday night, and return late Sunday. 'The place was a lovely old guesthouse, set up in the hills with fields all around, well away from other houses.

It was run by a couple originally from Sydney, who had decided to get away to paradise.

I was ready to jump on Geoff as soon as Sandy left the room, but figured there was plenty of time for that.

We sort of looked at each other and realised we'd hit the point of no return.

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