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The girls' next challenge is to find Big Foot and bring him back, with the winners getting a date with the boys.But little do the girls know that Big Foot is actually the boys' brother Micah.Both girls were able to open up to the boys about their insecurities.

All the girls get to go to prom, but the winners were given nice dresses while the rest were given sloppy ones.

The winners also went with Real and Chance to a place where a real prom was held, while the others were stuck in the house.

At elimination, Real and Chance gave out Real chains and Chance chains. Aloha was cracking up and Chance confirmed that Aloha is indeed crazy, leading Real to eliminate her.

First aired August 24, 2009 After elimination, Blonde Baller gets a call from one of her friend that her best friend died in Michigan, which Junk found very suspicious.

After eliminations, only sixteen women will remain in the competition.

Blonde Baller, Junk, Pocahontas, Sassy, and Spanish Fly (which Hot Wings thought was unfair) were chosen as winners.PS, who was undecided about who she like, decides she likes Real better than Chance.Meanwhile at the house, Junk eavesdropped on Blonde Baller talking to her "best friend", which Junk believes it is her boyfriend.The next day, PS called out Blonde Baller for having a boyfriend and Chance doesn't know what to believe.Aloha had become emotional; even more crazy after Real told her to "domesticate" herself, after Real was disgusted that Aloha was eating raw fish.In season two, the Stallionaires have twenty new women looking for love, and it will be up to Real and Chance to find their "Stallionettes".The season features new twists such as no "Real girls" or "Chance girls" yet, leading to "double the competition for their men." This twist leads to "calculated game-play" for some of the women.That day, Real and Chance took PS, Blonde Baller, and Junk to the zoo. When Real asked if Sassy is a good fit for him as a question to Junk's peeping, PS mocks her.Blonde Baller tells Sassy, but starts another argument with Junk right after.Later, before Real and Chance were ready to go to bed, Wiggly came into the room to impress Real, but she "came off a little too strong".The next day, Lady talk to Real and confessed that she used to date women, but it's all in the past.

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