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That means the LSA can be tightened, which is contrary to the contention that all turbo cams must have wider 112- to 114-degree LSAs.With newer turbos, the reduced backpressure also means the exhaust valve can be opened sooner and held open longer, which is generally accepted as beneficial to high-rpm power production, just like on a normally aspirated engine.

This could be where the now-common wide-lobe-separation-angle theory propagated.

According to Duttweiler, today’s more efficient, larger turbos reduce that backpressure, which minimizes the power-robbing effect of exhaust dilution.

All internal combustion engines perform best when tuned with a certain amount of camshaft overlap in which both the intake and exhaust valves are open at the same time.

If the exhaust backpressure is greater than the inlet pressure, the exhaust will push back into the cylinder and (given enough time) up into the inlet manifold.

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While this scenario might be fictional, the debate is real enough and rages across the Internet in forums and tech chat rooms dedicated to anything related to boost.

The problem with opinions is that everybody has one, with few rooted in real-world experience or established combustion theory.

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