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At least some of the 2009 releases should also work.Perusing the sp archive, we might try installing version 0.9-37, the last of the 0.9-3x series which was released in May of 2009: By default, R uses the /tmp directory to install packages.The R package you are installing may offer additional information on environment on how to educate the compiler about the location of variables.

New Npc added in town, to show additional server information.Please end all the processes that are not related or are not used while the game is running.Check the running process list in the Task Manager.This post will collect some of the error messages we’ve encountered while installing R packages and describe the reasons for the error and the workarounds we’ve found. In this case you have to poke around in the “Old sources” link on the CRAN page for that package and use trial-and-error to find an older version of the package that will work with your version of R.You should start by determining what version of R you have: This version of R was released at the end of 2008 and any version of the “sp” package released in 2008 should work.In some cases the game program might have been infected and therefore we advise you to reinstall the game and check if it operates correctly after scanning the entire PC with an anti-virus solution. Windows Security update - Certain Windows Security Updates may result in collisions with other security programs.We highly recommend you to update the latest version of Windows. Collisions with other programs - Some problems may be caused by the running programs on your PC which might be incomparable with Game Guard.The post titled Installing Packages described the basics of package installation with R.The process is wonderfully simple when everything goes well. Error messages give a hint as to what went wrong but do not necessarily tell you how to resolve the problem.No package 'fftw3' found Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you installed software in a non-standard prefix. By default, R will install pre-compiled versions of packages if they are found.If the version of R under which the package was compiled does not match your installed version of R you will get the message above.

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