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Randy orton who dating who

The whole family attended, with Kessler’s three sons and Orton’s daughter seeing their parents tie the knot.

The four children aren’t the only members of Orton and Kessler’s family.

Orton was the one to approach her, feeling nervous to ask her name despite the fact that she was the fan.

They also have a dog, Spike, who they adopted last year.

In fact, they found the dog while on a hike in Bora Bora.

Additionally, he has won WWE Championship title for 4 times and title of World Heavyweight Championship for 9 times.

Presently, he is the WWE’s World Heavyweight Champion. Before that, he also tried in the military in 1998. In 2004, he won against Chris Benoit for the championship.

Orton also has a tattoo of his daughter’s name, Alanna Marie Orton, on his arm, as well as her birthday in Roman numerals.

As is clear from videos the couple has shared on social media, Randy Orton gets along quite well with Kessler’s three sons, especially Anthony, who Randy loves to call “Anthony the Lady Killer.” And Orton says that his daughter, Alanna, has a great relationship with her step siblings.

“In my brain, way before I met him, he was my boyfriend,” Kessler said in an interview on the WWE Network’s Orton confirmed this and said that at first he figured Kessler was embellishing how much of a fan she was, but then he met Kessler’s family and they told him the same stories.

Orton and Kessler first crossed paths while Orton was at a WWE event in New York, where Kessler lives.

“The way they get along, it’s just the cutest thing,” Orton said on that he hid the ring under a napkin and planned to propose while he and Kessler were dancing, but when he took the ring out and went to go dance with Kessler, he didn’t know where to put it; he ended up sliding the ring down his pants, worried he might otherwise drop it.

Orton also said that when he asked Kessler to marry him, she immediately started laughing.

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