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"There was a big concern [before production started] from the marketing department, who sat me down and said, ' I don’t know how we’re going to [sell] this movie — these guys are predators.' I had just never thought of it that way.They said, ' They’re going to these weddings, lying about who they are and doing all this stuff to get these girls to sleep with them.' " stars Wilson and Vaughn as a pair of buddies who routinely crash strangers’ weddings and manipulate the hottest bridesmaids into sleeping with them.It’s not until later that she confesses she was bullshitting him about being a virgin because she likes to tell guys what she thinks they want to hear.

Peter and Kyle Reynolds (Helms and Wilson) are excited by the idea that their real father was football hero Terry Bradshaw (as himself), but when he wasn’t, they go in search of the real man.

(In the just isn’t interested in its female characters.

Rachel Mc Adams plays a total cipher; Isla Fisher plays a sex freak; Jane Seymour plays an undersexed cougar.

Wilson’s sunny nice-guy schtick is an ideal contrast to Vaughn’s motor-mouthed scoundrel, and you can see why Hollywood was so desperate to pair these guys up again.

Dobkin himself was desperate to cast Wilson and Vaughn in a script called revisiting Wilson and Vaughn’s characters a decade-plus after the original.

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