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Rachel dating nathan

He watches, along with the rest of the school as Finn and the Glee Club perform Push It at the school assembly, with a look on his face that starts out embarrassed for Finn.

Puck reveals his love of older woman, where he explains that he uses his pool cleaning business to seduce lonely housewives and moms.

Puck listens quietly when Will Schuester comes to football practice to try to convince the football team to join knowing that a few popular kids in Glee could be very beneficial. Schuester of Glee's place in the social hierarchy when he tells Mr.

In Season Five, at the end of The Quarterback, Puck decides to enlist in the Air Force in order of honor his late friend, Finn.

In 100, Puck officially begins a relationship with Quinn.

Puck is shown to be one of the male members of the Celibacy Club with Finn and Quinn Fabray, even though he doesn't take it seriously, considering he seduces older women and as he put it, he's a "dude, [who has] needs." He spends much of the meeting making lewd jokes and gestures.

He's also shown sticking to the football team's daily before school ritual of dumping Kurt in the dumpster, although Finn no longer participates.

Nathan is Genny's boyfriend and ex-boyfriend of Rachel.

He and Rachel had been dating, until Brooke's party, when he instantly became attracted to Genny when he saw her dancing with Lina, perhaps because he considered her prettier than Rachel.

Nathan is first seen in "What's Done Is Done", him with Genevieve at the cafe.

He is then shown in Episode 27, where he breaks up with Genevieve very rudely, saying that she was a "waste of his time".

He was a main character from the beginning until he was demoted to recurring starting from Season Five.

He is portrayed by actor and singer-songwriter, Mark Salling.

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