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Although the music genre started in English-speaking western countries, notable hardcore scenes have existed in Italy, Brazil, Japan, Europe and the Middle East.

Konstantin Butz states that while the origin of the expression "hardcore" "...cannot be ascribed to a specific place or time", the term is "...usually associated with the further evolution of California's L. Punk Rock scene", which included young skateboarders.

Some hardcore punk drummers play fast D beat one moment and then drop tempo into elaborate musical breakdowns in the next.Drummers typically play eighth notes on the cymbals, because at the tempos used in hardcore it would be difficult to play a smaller subdivision of the beat.Hardcore punk lyrics often express anti-establishment, anti-militarist, anti-authoritarian, anti-violence, and pro-environmentalist sentiments, in addition to other typically left-wing, anarchist, or egalitarian political views.Hardcore has spawned the straight edge movement and its associated submovements, hardline and youth crew.Hardcore was heavily involved in the rise of the independent record labels in the 1980s and with the DIY ethics in underground music scenes.Some bassists emphasize a very technical style of bass playing, such as the Minutemen's bassist Mike Watt, who Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson has called one of his "all-time favourites", as he praises Watt's "complex basslines".Two other key elements for hardcore drummers are playing "tight" with the other musicians, especially the bassist (this does not mean metronomic time; indeed coordinated tempo shifts are used in many important hardcore albums) and the drummer should have listened to a lot of hardcore, so that she or he can understand the "raw emotions" it expresses.Hardcore guitarists sometimes play solos, octave leads and grooves, as well as tapping into the various feedback and harmonic noises available to them.There are generally less guitar solos in hardcore than in mainstream rock, because solos were viewed as representing the "excess and superficiality" of mainstream commercial rock.Hardcore lyrics expressed the "frustration and political disillusionment" of youth who were against 1980s-era affluence, consumerism, greed, Reagan politics and authority.Hardcore guitarists use some approaches that are similar to their thrash counterparts: "..high output pickups", "lots of upper midrange", "a full, bass-heavy" tone and the use of both guitar amp distortion and a "Tube Screamer or similar overdrive pedal", but without speaker distortion.

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