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Paddy overhears Chas talking to Faith about her pregnancy.She is relieved when he tells her that he knows, and together they discuss the best options for their future.Jimmy is under strain with his new job, and Victoria worries about Rebecca and realises that she cannot be left on her own (subtitles) (repeat)A 52-year-old fitness fanatic receives help from Gok Wan as she tries to boost her self-esteem in time for her wedding - but when her photoshoot proves almost too much to bear, he worries she may be the first person to refuse to go down his naked catwalk.

Children's adventure, based on the novel by Anna Sewell, starring Mark Lester, Walter Slezak, Patrick Mower and John Nettleton The police are called in to investigate when a local judge is the target of a series of mysterious attacks, but the case takes a sinister turn when the prime suspect is found dead on his own doorstep.

Peggy is delighted when David's new radio starts picking up police broadcasts, but a news reporter doesn't share her enthusiasm.

Drama, starring Anthony La Paglia and Poppy Montgomery (subtitles) (repeat)The lovable rogue woos stuck-up Lady Featherstone while doing a spot of grave-digging, then takes his nephew poaching - to disastrous effect.

Edward finally meets Mrs Gadsby and cannot help but admire her plump pair of doves.

Comedy, guest starring Laura Linney and Jennifer Tilly, with Kelsey Grammer (subtitles) (repeat)Frank almost gets in the way of Frasier's latest meeting with Charlotte, but the pair finally admit their feelings.

Roz goes on a date with a jailbird and Martin plans to present Ronee with an old engagement ring - until Daphne points out how insensitive it would be (subtitles) (repeat)Charlotte accepts a lift to the railway station from Frasier, but his car breaks down in a desolate area and they end up spending the night in the same room as a dead body.

Meanwhile, confusion arises as Niles plans Martin's stag party (subtitles) (repeat)Jack and Danny investigate the disappearance of a serviceman recently returned from Iraq, and uncover evidence of a plot to conceal an incident in which he was injured.

Anthony La Paglia stars (subtitles) (repeat)A man disappears while depositing the day's takings from his wife's hair-dressing salon.

In the first episode, she helps 52-year-old builder Tony - who has never cooked a meal in his life - to master a delicious Mediterranean-inspired menu, including a grilled peach and burrata salad, crispy salmon with polenta chips and grilled asparagus, as well as a showstopping dessert (subtitles) (repeat)Alan Titchmarsh heads to Bideford in Devon, where Tamsyn and Alex Wood's lives have been turned upside down in the last three years.

Having emigrated to the south of France with their four children, they were forced to return to the UK after Alex suffered a brain injury followed by two haemorrhages.

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