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Pregnancy dating scan accuracy

Emergency ultrasound fellows today join a large vibrant group of specialists across the United States and the world.

Within 5 years there were 12 fellowships, and within 10 years there were 27.Welcome mommies from 1st Trimester Community (BFP to 13weeks). At 19w2d I had an appointment and she measured my fundal height at 25 weeks!!! She measured a few times to make sure it wasn't a mistake and, yup. I had a dating ultrasound at 9w6d and baby was measuring spot on.Your final stop is the 3rd Trimester Community (28w to 40w). At 12w3d I had an NT scan, and baby was measuring 3 days ahead, but they said that's normal.A search of fellowships in emergency ultrasound found a single listed fellowship in Chicago, so I organized a rotation to see what ultrasound was all about.Emergency ultrasound fellowships in the early 2000s were disconnected, isolated, and in many ways under the radar.Its Smart Dual Sensor ™ not only tells you in words if you're 'Pregnant' or 'Not Pregnant', also tells you how far along you are.It's like 2 tests in 1 - it first detects if the pregnancy hormone is present with over 99% accuracy from the day of your expected period, and if you are pregnant, it ALSO indicates how many weeks since conception occurred 1-2, 2-3 or more than 3 weeks (3 ).He has also served as the president of a number of Emergency Ultrasound Societies including what is now the Academy of Emergency Ultrasound and the Society of Clinical Ultrasound Fellowships.The Clearblue Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator is the first and only test that is as accurate as an ultrasound scan at dating pregnancy**.The initial meetings in the 1990s involved small groups getting together to discuss cutting-edge research and new applications.Now ultrasound meetings in emergency medicine involve hundreds of people discussing topics such as board certification or ultrasound program management.

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