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Some women told me they are not visually turned on. Listen, I know your life was rough and full of anxiety and panic attacks.

Some women told me they were not visually turned on but I noticed they...

It was extremely late at night, we drove around for hours, and blared backstreet boys.

I don’t know why I am doing this, but I guess I just want you to know everything that you added to what I considered the worst year of my life.

This isn’t to make you feel bad about what you did, but mostly so that I...“The people, in general, cannot bear very much reality.

They prefer fantasy to a truthful recreation of their experiences.” - A conversation with James Baldwin “Most people can’t see themselves.

The hardest thing is seeing pain on someone else’s face that you caused and having to deal...

It all started when I gave u the heart made of chocolate wrapper... M, I wasn’t ready for that conversation we had on the phone a few years ago, and I was so nervous to hear your voice after so many years... Ingraham who are you to call someone"s comments ignorant when it comes to people criticizing Donald Trump . But I know of you, and I know quite a bit about you.

I have always been told about people in abusive relationships. No one can show you what it looks like, and we don't seem to listen when someone tells us that something is wrong. Let be honest when it comes to donald trump most people thinks trump is a ignorant individual who doesn't seems to knowledge others besides himself & people like him the 1%... When I look into the future, it is uncertain and unclear. When I say I know a lot about you what I mean is this- I’ve been in your home, eaten your food, rode in your vehicles, met your children, and gotten very close to your husband. Dear Slimming World, You have been present in my life for the past 14 years.

In India we always see our mothers waking up early doing all the chores and listing to everything doing everything for dadis fufas and buas and if she ever said anything she was tagged as a bad bahu with bad values which she gained from her parental side.

Hey bebo, Our love era started from a different turn, from the first time I heard your name to the time when we had our little conversations on fb I didn't know that you are gonna be the biggest change in my life. I couldn’t really connect the dots and put into words what I wanted to say to you about my regrets...

I used to think that I was fat Because thats what you always told me They told me I was alright But that was never quite enough for you You needed me to be more than I was More than I wanted to be And I could never say no Because I didn't want to cause... You play the victim, the poor disabled man, the one who was wronged for no reason, oh so very well. I know some where deep in that scary head of yours, you know the truth.

Hello, I just wanted to know how to lay out a letter.

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