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Policy that prohibits employees from dating

Employees should abide by your sexual harassment policy during work hours as well as after hours and outside of the workplace.

Encourage employees to report inappropriate conduct, without fear of retaliation, before it becomes severe or pervasive, whether they are a victim or a witness.

These relationships can lead to concerns about favoritism, conflicts of interest, sexual harassment complaints, and related issues.

Here are some factors to consider for addressing these concerns.

The Consensual Amorous Relationships Policy prohibits faculty from engaging in romantic or sexual relationships with undergraduate students.

It also prohibits faculty from engaging in such relationships with graduate students with whom the faculty are in a position of authority.

William & Mary’s Sexual Violence website collects information about reporting options, resources for students experiencing sexual violence, tips to help a friend, and other resources for students.

Reporting options include anonymous reporting, reporting for criminal action, reporting for internal (administrative) investigation, and many other types of reporting.

The Discrimination Policy also requires almost all W&M employees to report incidents of sexual violence and harassment, when they become aware of them.

This reporting obligation does not require victims to report; it requires people to report incidents involving other people.

There are mechanisms to obtain an exception to the Policy.

The Consensual Amorous Relationships Policy is designed to protect students and to avoid relationships between people without equal power. Reporting Options, Resources and Other Information The Dean of Students Office can help students, and receives reports and complaints from students: Marjorie Thomas, Dean of Students, Campus Center 109, 221-2510.

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