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Dating: Is It A Good Sign If Someone Is ' Spiritual'?


Some of the signs are the following: Before you initiate a kiss, be sure to be near her face already.

It's kinda freaky if someone will kiss you coming from a feet away. You can do the most common "triangular gazing" before initiating the kiss.

Those are some of my gimiks that worked for me, you can try it out, or if you are creative, you can create your own that works for you.

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There are times that you might miscalibrate the situation that she will move her face away when you try to kiss her.

What works for me when this happens, is I just bite her neck a little bit and say "I'm a vampire" then laugh.

If she didn't break eye contact, go directly for the kiss.

If you're not confident enough to your signal spotting skills, there are also tactics to make kiss light and playful to take the pressure off her.

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