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The Australian had already been convicted for pedophilia in 1995, according a According to the NGO, tens of thousands of children around the world are victims of the practice.

Security software and hardware company, Sophos, predicts that similar crimes that take advantage of the vulnerability of financial software will continue to happen while becoming even more sophisticated.

Financial transactions through mobile apps are becoming the norm these days, and while we think we are safe from the standard, at-gunpoint hold-up, there are criminals who will stop at nothing to steal money.

We think that just because it doesn’t involve passwords, the fake news industry is not a security concern. – Anne was an IT professional for 7 years before wading into the unpredictable pool of freelance writing (and parenthood).

Her interests are reflected by her favorite apps: Evernote, Simplenote, and the native i OS camera.

An Australian citizen Scott Robert Hansen, 37, was sentenced to one year in prison for keeping obscene conversations with children on the internet. In 2013, Sweetie interacted with tens of thousands of pedophiles coming from 72 countries.

Hansen was caught by Sweetie, a ten-year-old Filipino virtual girl. Hansen was the first person arrested thanks to the efforts of the girl and its creators.Fake news as a cybersecurity threat More Filipinos are able to access the internet now despite the longstanding problem of slow connection speed.It is believed that the outcome of last year's presidential elections is. The quick spread of information is great..its contents are indeed facts.This electronic shift just brought more incidents under the huge umbrella of cybercrime.Financial institutions, big and small, would benefit greatly from contracting third-party security solutions providers who will monitor network equipment to processing logs in real-time.While it may take a while before the Io T appliances truly take root in majority of the world's homes, some software companies like Symantec, Intel, and Dojo Labs ready to sit next to your Amazon Echo and Google Home or whatever dream Io T device you want.When homes start becoming smart homes, people may want to look into investing in Io T cybersecurity gear – the same way they once protected their computer with antivirus software.Audits and backtracking are just not preventive enough for the speed at which financial crimes are committed.As for the individual, the smartphone, computer or any device used to access money online should be secured the same way they'd secure their ATM card: keep access details away from eyes other than one's own.As more and more put their data online and make use of e-transactions, the attacks are likely to grow – simply because the more people there are online, the more potential targets a cyber-criminal has. How sure are you that no one's spying on your whereabouts or using your personal details for illicit gains?That's the anxiety that these cyber threats are causing.

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