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They were more interesting than a text book, though not same as actually testing a hypothesis with a person in a lab.But I really enjoyed the graphics, and my parents liked the program, too.I appreciated the convenient features of this system, including the jump menu, calculator, and glossary. The worksheets, applications and tests are thorough and well done.

I highly recommend the PLATO middle school programs, especially for visual learners like my son.

We are now using PLATO for the second time, Earth and Space, as my 12 year old son LOVED his previous "online science program", Life Science.

We were unable to complete all three during the year and I am participating in the current buy.

We were pleasantly surprised to find the programs are so thorough and in-depth.

I would love a way to print tests out for records or to hand in to our charter school.

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My 2 girls were very pleased with the Plato Science middle school modules. My daughter followed along and took notes in the study guide, and I think her retention of the material was much better.

All of the topics in the homeschool curriculum were covered by the PLATO program. It gives students the option to repeat small sections or to go deeper on one part of a topic or skip part with a click of the mouse.

The program offers application activities that have the ...(more)My son has used all three of the PLATO middle school science programs and really enjoyed them.

The student then has the chance to retake the test if they, or you, are not satisfied with their grade.

My son always tried...(more)We use it to supplement our biology textbook and my son, who is 15, seems to like the way the information is presented.

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