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Téhéran 1978 : Marjane, huit ans, songe à l'avenir et se rêve en prophète sauvant le monde.Choyée par des parents modernes et cultivés, particulièrement liée à sa grand-mère, elle suit avec exaltation les évènements qui vont mener à la révolution et provoquer la chute du régime du Chah.

Persepolis est l'adaptation sur grand écran des quatre albums de bande dessinée homonymes écrits et dessinés par Marjane Satrapi.The magnificent palace complex at Persepolis was founded by Darius the Great around 518 B.C., although more than a century passed before it was finally completed.Eye of the Tiger Written by Jim Peterik (as James Peterik), Frankie Sullivan (as Franck Sullivan III) (c) Three Wise Boys Music / Ensign Music Corp c/o BMG Music Publishing France (c) WB Music Corp / Easy Action Music By permission from Warner Chappell Music France and BMG Music Vision Performed by Chiara Mastroianni Arranged by Olivier Bernet See more » Persepolis is one of the most thoughtful, poignant and original films I have ever seen.Hang on, "poignant" and "thoughful", an animated movie (and based on a comic-book, on top of that)?Thus, Herzfeld, in 1931 became the first field director of the Oriental Institute’s Persepolis Expeditions. During the last years of excavating, the University Museum in Philadelphia and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston had joined the Oriental Institute in order to cope with the tremendous work at hand. The digging crew, recruited from villagers, fluctuated from 200 to 500 men.In 1931–34, assisted by his architect, Fritz Krefter, he uncovered on the Persepolis Terrace the beautiful Eastern Stairway of the Apadana and the small stairs of the Council Hall. Schmidt’s expedition staff, though varying from year to year, consisted mainly of his assistant Donald E. Elaborating on this, Schmidt wrote that at the beginning of each season about 20 to 30 laborers arrived from Damghan, old-time workers, honest peasants and trusted hands, who were trained for the delicate job of excavating.They, in turn, recruited the bulk of the digging crew.In 1970s Iran, Marjane 'Marji' Statrapi watches events through her young eyes and her idealistic family of a long dream being fulfilled of the hated Shah's defeat in the Iranian Revolution of 1979.C., visualizing Persepolis as a show place and the seat of his vast Achaemenian Empire.He proudly proclaimed his achievement; there is an excavated foundation inscription that reads, “And Ahuramazda was of such a mind, together with all the other gods, that this fortress (should) be built. And I built it secure and beautiful and adequate, just as I was intending to.” But the security and splendor of Persepolis lasted only two centuries. 1620, when its site was first identified, Persepolis lay buried under its own ruins.

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