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If you’re not a person with these characteristics, fair warning: The findings may not apply to you, as I'll discuss below.However, the results give us at least some ideas about how to categorize, and eventually understand, what it means when your loved one exclaims “I want to hold your hand,” as the song says.

The 7 types of physical affection are: Among the Brigham Young sample, all forms of physical affection except holding hands and caressing/stroking were strongly related to the degree of satisfaction the participant felt with the relationship and the partner.

There was no connection between the amount of physical affection and amount of conflict, but cuddling/holding, kissing on the lips, and hugging were all associated with how the couple resolves the conflict they do experience.

Psychology knows a great deal about the role of emotional connections between romantic partners, but little about the physical affection side of the equation.

Yet, in daily life, everyone can attest to the mental, if not physical, health benefits of locking lips with a loved one.

For each of the following, rate frequency in your current relationship, whether the form of affection is and expression of love, whether it’s an expression of intimacy, and your preference for this type of affection.

After you’ve made your own ratings, try to see if you could predict the ratings your partner would give.

Unfortunately, in the decade following its publication, there have been no published studies to advance research specifically on this topic of affection outside of sexual intimacy.

With the plethora of research on intimacy in general, it would seem worthwhile to return to the original question posed by these researchers. According to the study’s authors, there are clear implications for helping couples improved their relationship satisfaction.

Secondly, they felt that physical affection reinforces their feelings of intimacy.

Surprisingly, most of the participants weren’t particularly aware of what the researchers found statistically to be the role that physical affection plays overall in promoting relationship satisfaction and helping partners navigate conflict.

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